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About Me

“It’s called a play for a reason.1

Putting up a show takes an incredible amount of work, organization, attention to detail, and years of training to produce a performance that looks effortless; that moves an audience. When it comes to my stage management style, I support order and organization while cultivating a warm, supportive and fun environment so that everyone can explore, create – play.

In college, I majored in Production/Stage Management at Emerson College in Boston. There, I poured my creative energy into managing stage productions – long days of classes coupled with exhausting and exhilarating nights at rehearsal; working at the various stages on campus, but primarily at The Majestic Theatre, which I still consider home. There I was lucky to have the opportunity to play with unit sets, traditional drops, revolves; Kushner, Shwartz, Overmyer; a staff of 2 – 3, overseeing 20 – 40 actors and crew… The experiences I had at Emerson, and in my work after, provided me with a toolbox of universal skills that I have easily employed in my life and work far beyond the stage.

I am a highly focused individual talented in delegation, diplomacy, creative problem solving, issue analysis and anticipating needs. My friends and colleagues know me for my excellent research, writing and interpersonal communication skills and precision attention to detail. Managing multiple projects and personalities, juggling conflicting schedules and identifying and resolving problems are things I do before breakfast. I easily establish successful plans, achievable goals, and efficient processes to assure that objectives are met.

After school, I went to work in the Information Technology sector; working my way from administrative support to maintaining websites and network support. But still stayed active in my community; working with (among others) The Longwood Players in Cambridge, MA for 6 years. Recently, I moved to the West Coast – Fremont, Seattle, WA. I work for a software company, troubleshooting software and computer issues and assisting my customers to meet their technology needs. And can’t wait to get involved with the theatre community here!

When not in rehearsal or production, I enjoy cooking, beer and bourbon, exploring, traveling, hiking, and geocaching. I grew up on Cape Cod and I love the ocean.

1Robert Boch

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