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The Femme Show is a revue of smart, sexy, interactive performance pieces about queer femme identity that features film, dance, literary readings, burlesque, drag, and performance art from award winning artists. The Femme Show premiered to sold out crowds in Jamaica Plain, MA in October 2007 and continued with record breaking attendance in 2008.The Femme Show site incorporates blog technology to help to create a community where past & present participants as well as audience members and members in the community who are unable to attend performances can come together, share experiences and become a part of a movement. Users are currently able to subscribe to the blog, receive rss feeds, subscribe to the mailing list for special announcements and tour and local show listings. Users are also able to purchase tickets through the site in partnership with the ticket vendor. The Femme Show

Jenn Bates Online Jenn Bates, dancer / actor / choreographer, needed to redesign her site. She was looking for something sleeker and more professional.This site utilizes clean HTML & CSS. The site is simple, but a powerful marketing tool. It includes basic information about her, her resume, contact information, as well as a Lightbox image gallery and popup video clips. The entire site has been ‘locked down’ so that users cannot right click and easily steal images.